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Friday, April 29, 2005

Realtors already knew this

The higher the SAT scores, the more the house is worth.

Or, is it the other way around?


JMW said...

Before I get really offended by your question, I just need to verify--Are you implying that the more affluent the family..the 'better the neighborhood'..the more intelligent the individuals living there are?
Do you honestly believe that?? And you are in charge of my children's education?
Which has a bigger influence on test scores, what kind of housing a student's parents have provided for him, or what your school has done to educate him?

anonamous said...

Or maybe, many schools, just like Wawasee, treat students that come from affluent families differently than those that do not. How many times do the elementary schools hold PTO meetings during the day when only stay-at-home parents can attend? Kindergarten orientation also occurs during the daytime. Teachers are often out of the building by 3:20 leaving little access time for working parents.
I see kids that live in town Syracuse waiting at central bus pick-up locations blocks away from where they live. Sometimes it is very cold in the a.m. and these kids are outside for long periods of time, however kids that live in Fox Run don't have to wait at the end of the street. THey can wait in their warm house until the bus comes to the end of the drive.
I think the attitude of the school personel make some parents feel very uncomfortable. We all know that the more involved the parent is the better the child will do in school. Too bad our school system doesn't work on welcoming All parents into the schools instead of just the elite.

Anonymous said...

I would like the public to know that Mr. Stock's flippant and insensitive remark is not indicative of the attitude of teachers in the Wawasee School Corporation.

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

Sorry, I wasn't trying to be insensitive, flippant, or to antagonize anyone.

I was trying to raise a question that the author who tries to correlate SAT scores with real estate values might be on a slippery slope.

Correlation does NOT imply cause-and-effect. (Which means I agree with jmw that housing might have nothing to do with an individual SAT score)

Something like SAT / Property Values can be related or go together without causing the other.

The title of the article sort of implies that if the SAT scores are high, then you can get more money on the real estate market because of the higher test scores in the area.

I was just turning the question around and asking, "or - is it the other way around." Meaning that often times, affluent parents research school systems and purchase or build homes where they see higher SAT scores in the paper.

Nothing more nothing less. I wasn't trying to make any other point.

Higher property values might just be because that is where an affluent person built their home. And they built it where they saw higher SAT scores.

As opposed to high SAT scores CAUSING their property values to go up.

It was just a question.

Anonymous said...

Give Dr. Stock a break!

However, we are kidding ourselves if we don't see the discrepency in treatment and service for students who are wealthy compared to those who are not. It happens all of the time. That's not Dr. Stock's responsibility, its yours.