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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Vouchers and Tax Credits Defeated

Vouchers and tax credits have now all been defeated for this session.

SB 281 Student Transfers and the Private School Tuition Tax Credit of $1000

Representative Behning stated that the fiscal for 2006 was a $1.1M gain, and a $1.6M loss in 2007. A provision also provided for textbooks for private school students. Representative Cheney noted that the bill would allow transfers for athletic reasons and that it “will cost us big.” He also stated that Representative Turner’s testimony that Indiana was low in the number of students attending private schools “was testimony to the success of our public schools.” It was pointed out in testimony that private schools under this option had the right to take who they like. Rep. Hoy stated that tax credits were misleading, because “a voucher by any name is still a voucher.”

Again, SB 281, included the amended vouchers and tax credits, has now been defeated. The House rejected this final section by a vote of 45-54.

It will be back.

One legislator had this to say about it all, "We should not try to destroy public education overnight."

No....I suppose many of them would prefer to take their time.

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