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Monday, August 29, 2005

United Way Corporate Dodgeball

-Written by Joy Swartzentruber, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

On Wednesday, August 31, at 6:30 p.m. at Harrison Elementary School in Warsaw, a corporate dodgeball tournament will be held as part of the United Way fundraising campaign. In the first round of the tournament, a group of employees from Wawasee Community Schools will compete against a group of employees from Warsaw Community Schools. Admission will be one dollar at the door, and all proceeds go to the Kosciusko County United Way. Competitors for Wawasee Community Schools will be
  • Mr. Garner, Syracuse Elementary School principal
  • Mr. Cassel, Wawasee Middle School principal
  • Mr. Connor, Milford School assistant principal
  • Mr. Mishler, varsity boys basketball coach and WHS physical education teacher
  • Mr. Hedman, varsity baseball coach and Milford 5th grade teacher
  • Mr. Schutz, varsity softball coach and WHS business teacher
  • Mr. Campbell, varsity assistant football coach and WMS social studies teacher
  • Mr. Edgar, junior varsity volleyball coach and WMS science and math teacher
  • Ms. Wells, freshmen volleyball coach and Milford language arts teacher
  • Mr. Gause, North Webster 5th grade teacher

This should be an exciting event and a great opportunity to support the United Way of Kosciusko County which helps fund agencies and programs that promote family and community wellness, self sufficiency, emergency services, and youth development.


Anonymous said...

*LOL* I knew before I even read the list that Mr. Gause would be one of the players. My child requested him for 5th grade because he thought he was the nicest and most fun teacher on the playground.

Anonymous said...

Go Coach Mishler!!!