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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Warriors

The Wawasee community has chosen the Warrior title to promote it's Native American heritage.

Most local historians and hopefully, Wawasee students, know that the Wawasee Warriors have chosen the Native American theme out of respect for Chief Wawasee, after whom Lake Wawasee is named.

Recent decisions by the NCAA banning Native American nicknames from tournament play has created a firestorm of controversy.

Here is today's editorial in the Indy Star.


Anonymous said...

Just another case of someone making up their own little world of useless jobs so they can collect a paycheck they are not worthy of receiving.
Speaking of our local historical indians: why not take 4th graders studying Indiana history around to some of the historical markers pertaining to the indians that lived here? I know there is one on the north side of Syracuse Lake, somewhere between Papakeechie and 5, and one of 5 at Indian Village. Why just teach our children about the "white men" of Indiana?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Indianapolis Colts!!! Great Job