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Friday, December 09, 2005

2 Hour Delay for Friday

Wawasee will start on a two-hour delay for Friday , December 9.

If there is a decision to cancel it will be made prior to 8:00 am.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know early so we can sleep in. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yea! Thanks, I am a big fan for sleeping in! lol! Please let school be canceled! It is really bad outside. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wawasee is an excellent school corp. however when it somes to delays and cancelations, you people are not the best. I hate having to drive my kids to school when the roads are covered in show or icy. If you are smart school will be canceled tomorrow. Thank you very much for your time.

Anonymous said...

hehe just kidding that was nit a parent, it was just a kid who really doesnt want school tomorrow!

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

It's 11:04 PM - hopefully our students have started to think about bedtime. :-)

The Transportation Director will be out before 5:00 and the rest of us will be out driving shortly thereafter.

We will post what we see.

Lee Merriman said...