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Monday, December 12, 2005

Snow Make-Up Day

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend in the winter wonderland.

Now the bad news. The snow-makeup day will be Friday, February 17th, 2006.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why there aren't more than 2 built in days for closings. We've experienced blizzards in the past so it seems to be only common sense that the school corporation would be prepared.
Wawasee needs some balance. Fall Break is 2 days, Christmas (so much for separation of church and state) 10 days, and Spring Break 5 days off from school. Ohh and don't forget Good Friday (a religious not government holiday).
Is it really necessary to have 10 days off from school?
Shorten Christmas break to December 23-January 1 and you've gained 4 days of school. Is it necessary to not have school on Good Friday? Simply move Spring Break to April 13 & 14 and you've gained 4 days of school.
I'd guess most students would prefer to go to school December 19-22 than to have to make up "snow days" in June.

Eric Speicher said...

I would like to wish "anonymous" a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

You have brought up one of the most frustrating things about running calendar options. Everyone has a strong opinion about the school calendar. It is so hard to work in 180 student days when the list of "wants" is so big.

There is a constituent group that represents every wish:
1. Start Later
2. Finish Earlier
3. Long Christmas break
4. Shorter Christmas break
5. Fall Break
6. No Fall Break
7. Spring Break important
8. Spring Break not so important
9. Etc.

Thanks for sharing. It looks like this winter you could be correct - we may wish we had more snow days built in.

Unfortunately, it is hard to make changes during the year. We schedule many events a year or more in advance.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday evening the Mishawaka school board voted to NOT go back to school on January 2 as planned--that is still an "official" holiday. Wawasee will be in school when most businesses and government organizations will be closed. It makes travel on New Year's Day a must in order to get the kids back for school.

Anonymous said...

A lot of local factories close over the holidays and what a great time for kids to reconnect with their parents! I'm really glad our school has the same two weeks off so kids can spend time with their families and celebrate Christmas.

Crystal White said...

As hard as it is not to say negitive things........
I will just wish anonymous a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
And to the kids I hope you all enjoy your SPRING BREAK! You all deserve it!!