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Monday, April 24, 2006

Blogger Publishing Problems

As you can tell there have been posting problems at the site. You can tell that I tried repeatedly to post the fog delay. Then sometime in the afternoon they all appeared! I have been blogging for 16 months straight and this has never happened before.

Try here first, but if you don't see anything then tomorrow morning try Hoosier 103.5 FM. Bill Dixon never gets it wrong! :-)

As for Channel 16, better try another channel if you like the TV crawler announcements. They almost never get it right. Somehow their internet posting service never gets the message to the TV screen.


Anonymous said...

Darn that technology anyway :-)

Anonymous said...

Channel 22 from South Bend had it on shortly after 6 a.m. Try channel surfing. We always used to find out without checking a blog site!