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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thinking Ahead to Friday

Fog doesn't appear to be in the predictions for Friday morning, but this is Indiana and you never know what can happen in a few hours.

So here is the deal for Friday:

Option 1: Cross your fingers there is no fog delay

Option 2: Go with a one hour delay and then dismissal time could be changed to 30 minutes later than our scheduled release time. Remember tomorrow is the early dismissal day. (Yeah - like you forgot!)

Option 3: Cancel school Friday and run the last student day on June 1 as a half day.

Weather reports look fine right now - but just in case.


Jake said...

Or, we could cancel school on friday for the heck of it.
Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I have things to do now in my classes and my due dates don't get pushed back if we cancel and reschedule for June. My vote is for Option 1!