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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Summertime Blues

I have been an avid wakeboarder for around 6 years. Skiing is pretty boring (take that Ora Freeman!) compared to the freestyle fun of wakeboarding. However, lately my wife has been nagging me to act my age which I am pretty sure means "quit."

Our boat is a Supra Launch with a 37 gallon gas tank. In order to throw a really big wake we weigh it down with around 2,000 lbs of water filled "fat" sacks . The bad news is that when you pull the wakeboarder out of the water you can practically watch the gas gauge go down. The good news is that you can go "big" and crash in ever more creative ways.

I easily went through a half tank of gas in an early morning Saturday session.

With gas pushing three dollars a gallon I'll probably end up anchored in the middle of the lake on Saturday mornings with my feet dangling off the swim platform of a decked out wakeboard boat. Just sitting with a cane pole, watching the bobber bob up and down in the waves...just tryin' to act my age.

Oh well, that's not all bad.


Anonymous said...

Hmm I'd feel sorry for you, but.... you make 6 times more money than I do.... sorry.. can't feel ya buddy.

Reality check said...

If you had the level of education and experience that Dr. Stock does, you would probably make more than him by not being in the field of education. So, if you want to make more money, do something about it!

Your Choice said...

Anonymous, it's really pretty simple. If you want what a medical doctor has, go get a medical degree. If you want what an attorney has, go to law school. If you want what a businessman has, develop a product that people want to purchase from you. If you want what a superintendent has, go get a superintendent's license and start applying for jobs.

Or sit around and feel sorry for yourself. Your choice.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt that in education, the majority of faculty and staff are not paid what they should be. However, don't slam our super! Most of our administrators work hard to get the big bucks.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Dr. Stock is a hard working guy. I wouldn't agree that we pay him "big bucks". He does make quite a bit more than I do but he also is in charge of several hundred employees and a multi-million dollar budget. Not to mention being the focus of constant attention and criticism. In fact, he is the "CEO" of one of the largest employers in the northern part of the county. I wonder how his "big bucks" compare to the CEO's of Maple Leaf, Liberty Homes, etc? Don't worry, Superintendents earn their money.

Ora Freeman said...

Dr Stock,
Simple solution to your problem. Lose the big tub of a wakeboard boat and trade it for a nice 19ft Mastercraft or Ski Nautique. We can teach you the power of the bouy, you will fall into it's trance and never feel the need for a short, wide board to get you out of the water. You too can fly wake to wake at 60+ MPH, and use less gas in the process. Also, you'll get such a workout from the pulling behind that boat that your wife will actually encourage you because of the new "cut" physique that you will acquire. Ora

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

Wow Ora, you make it seem almost like fun instead of work!!

Anonymous said...

I never said I wanted to make more, and i never said he didn't work hard for his money. I think he does a MAGNIFICENT job, I am just saying.... he HAS the money to buy gas!