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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chronic truants become dropouts

It might seem like restating the obvious, but the Star reports today in their ongoing report on truancy, that students who miss a lot of school for unexcused reasons often become dropouts.

Story here.


Anonymous said...

Ironically, when Wawasee sees a problem with truancy, we expel the student. So, the students don't drop out-- we just kick them out! Wawasee needs to find better ways to motivate it's students to keep them self-motivated. That's our job in education.

Wawasee Educator said...

So, help us problem solve. What would you want us to do differently? I do know that educators and administrators try to work with students and parents and even probation prior to expelling for truancy.

Anonymous said...

I have two Daughters who attent wawasee in the Academy who have less then !/4th of there hours in for the school year. Not living with them myself I can't do a lot but call there mother daily when they don't attend and work with Mrs. Sigler ( who I must say has been wonderful!) But let me tell you probation who be nice to maybe get a kick in their butt or at least the younger one BEFORE I have another 20 + year old in high school!!

Also with babies having babies you think parents are old enough to call ONLY in when there kid is sick? Ever heard of Doctors slips? Every place of employment wants them, why not get these kids ready for the real world and what will be expected of them!!