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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Technology revolution continues

No more keyboards
Voice recognition software is common place
Everything is wireless
Students finally give up books for wireless Internet connected tablets
and more....

Bill gates says here that the tech revolution will not plateau.


progress, you say said...

So the question is this: as the revolution surges ahead, will you accept change?

I find it interesting that the Amish, who are not of this earthly world, more easily adopt technology (such as 'air phones' and voice mail) than the average person.

Anonymous said...

Several businesses in Elkhart used voice recognition software then dropped it because it was still full of flaws. Technology will continue to improve, so maybe they will go back to it eventually.

Bill Gates is trying to sell his product, although it seems Wawasee would like to totally avoid all his products.

Bryan Waltz said...

...Certainly, the use of technology will allow schools to more efficiently provide support services to special education students, and doing so will help the students to develop better coping skills, higher levels of independence, and greater self-advocacy skills -- all great things!

I think of all the things that have changed as a result of technology -- and I think we are both blessed and cursed...but more often, I am happy for the developments.

It is important that we do not get caught up in the "latest greatest" craze but that we use our resources wisely to impact students as they prepare for their futures.