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Monday, October 30, 2006

"Getting through a rough week with good people"

This post is dedicated to every teacher who has the "occasional" rough week on the job.

I'll let you define "occasional" however you want, it probably depends on the year!

This brief article highlights the importance and the seriousness of our work. The author says that the secret of getting through a rough week is leaning on the support of other seasoned professionals who also respect and appreciate the important work we do.

Click here.


Anonymous said...

I think the key to this is knowing who your support people are. While there are a few good-hearted and well-intentioned colleagues of mine, there is also an equal number of burned out and negative ones. It is hard in our community to always know who the solid and trustworthy professionals are. Too often the need to vent about a difficult situation turn into "kid bashing" which doesn't solve much. I would like to challenge all professionals to not only find and count on supportive colleagues, but to act in a supportive and positive ways to support others in need as well.

Anonymous said...