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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Teaching history to gamers!

A group of teenagers click a mouse and begin "bombing" England. Across the room, the English prime minister -- a teenager looking grimly at another screen -- attempts to figure out a counterattack in the midst of World War II.These teenagers aren't at home playing shooter games on the Xbox. They're in a high-school classroom learning the dynamics of World War II in a game called Making History. Their video-game-savvy world history teacher, David McDivitt, incorporates video games in his history and sociology courses at Converse, Ind.'s Oak Hill High School.

Rest of article here.

1 comment:

Oak Hill is closer to Swayzee said...

I saw this in GT too, and thought about sending it as an interesting link.

Good post.
Good to see alternatives in the classroom.

PS - I drove past Oak Hill tonight and the lights were still on.