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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Top 10 things you didn't know about Wawasee

...but won't hear on David Lettermen either!

Back by wildly popular ten things you didn't know about Wawasee...

1. Property wealth per student…
Wawasee ranks #2 among 292 school corporations in the state in assessed valuation per ADM (student enrollment)
State average $275,542
Wawasee $561,810

2. Tax Rate
Wawasee is ranked LAST (lowest) among public school corporations in the state of Indiana in school tax rate
State average 1.4457
Wawasee .8605

3. State financial support
Wawasee ranks #279th out of 295 school districts in the amount of state financial support per student
State average $3,844
Wawasee $2,619

4. Student Enrollment
Wawasee ranks #90 out of 300 school districts listed on the IDOE website
State average 3,182
Wawasee 3,434

5. SAT scores
Wawasee ranks #81 out of 293 school corporations in average SAT scores
State average 1012
Wawasee 1016

6. Suspensions and Expulsions
Wawasee is ranked # 123 out of 294 school districts in the number of suspensions and expulsions per 100 students
State average 14.7
Wawasee 8.9

7. Percent of Special Needs students
Wawasee is ranked #263 out of 294 school districts in the percentage of students with special needs
State average 17.9
Wawasee 13.5

8. Minority students
Wawasee is ranked 79th in the state out of 300 school districts in the percentage of minority students
State average 22.3
Wawasee 11.0

9. Students Eligible for Free Lunch
Wawasee is ranked 166th out of 300 school districts in the percentage of students eligible for free lunches
State average 26.6
Wawasee 19.1

10. Limited English Students
Wawasee is ranked 42nd out of 300 school districts in the percentage of students with limited English speaking skills
State average 2.98%
Wawasee 3.89%

Question: Why do the total number of school districts in the state listed above vary by item?
Answer: I have no clue. It is how the IDOE website lists them. Generally speaking there are 294 "public" school districts listed in the majority of state reports.


Anonymous said...

I find all this info very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I would also be interested in knowing how some of these things break down by individual schools in our corporation, especially the % of minority students and the % of LEP students.

it's all in the numbers said...

I can see the correlation between number 1 and number 2.

I assume that Carmel is #1 on total valuation per student, since Fishers would dilute Geist.

Add in a number 11: total all budget items divided by number of enrolled students (dollars spent per student).

That would also be an interesting comparison.

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

its all in the numbers:

Carmel is #8. Number 1 in A.V. is Fremont - mostly because their student population is so small that it inflates their per/pupil average.

In fact outside of Wawasee, Carmel and MSD Washington Township - most of the districts at the top are small which makes their per/pupil averages high.

Anonymous said...

Considering our ISTEP scores the SAT statistic bothers me a little. Are we encouraging all of our students to take the SAT? It seems to me that maybe we aren't.

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

We do encourage them, but certainly we are below the state average in percent of students taking the SAT. In Indiana 66% of high school students take the SAT, nationally it is only 49% participation (2005 figures.) In Wawasee we had 48% take the test last year, our lowest percentage since 1995 or maybe even longer (1995 was as far back as I found statistics for on the web). I am not sure what to attribute that to.

by the numbers said...

Dr. Stock: Thanks for the info.

Fremont had slipped past me. Certainly a high AV in that portion of Steuben County.