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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

US Science the best in the world

276 Nobel Prizes in Science: U.S. Science Education the World's Best

The United States leads the world in technology, scientific research and the quality of its scientists because U.S. science education is the world’s best. From 1950 to 2006 Americans have won 206 or 58% of the 357 Nobel Prizes awarded in Medicine, Physics and Chemistry. In October 2006, Americans were awarded all five of the Nobel Prizes for science achievement. The American winners are in Medicine: Andrew Z. Fire Stanford University and Greg C. Mello, U. of Massachusetts Medical School. Physics: John C. Mather NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and George C. Smoot University of California and Chemistry: Roger D. Kornberg Stanford University.

This is the second time Americans have made a complete sweep of Nobel science prizes, the first was in 1983.

Editorial Comment (sarcasm intended): Now...if Margaret Spellings can just get all American Universities to take more standardized science tests we will have even more Nobel prizes right?

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Anonymous said...

I would encourage everyone to read the actual report. On page 3 the author makes the following statement: "It is incomprehensible how American K-12 public school critics, including politicians and conservative think tanks, are allowed to get away with the bashing of all American K-12 schools based on bogus analysis of useless international tests without serious challenge by an academically disadvantaged media. Critics of American public schools use K-12 education as the scapegoat for all of the social and economic problems of the United States."