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Friday, May 27, 2005

Fairfield and Wawasee to Consolidate?

As some of you may be aware, the 2005 Indiana state legislature formed a study commission to examine consolidation of smaller school districts. The purpose is presumably, to save money across the state.

Rumors have it that Fairfield and Wawasee are going to consolidate. The newly formed school district will be called....."The Fairasees." It saddens me to say this, so maybe we'll just call ourselves..."The Saddusees."

So there you have it...when Fairfield and Wawasee consolidate we can be called the Fairasees or the Saddusees.

If this makes no sense to you, find a bible scholar near you and ask what's up.

It's not really April 1, but I'm still fooling.!!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!! :-)

PS : If you think this is funny then give me credit, if you think this is lame then Jim Evans came up with it!!


Anonymous said...

I'm just shaking my head. *G*

Anonymous said...

That made my day!!! Letterman could use some new writers, give it a try!

Anonymous said...

And every one things that Dr. Stock is all stuffy and boring... You got to admit, he's got a head on his shoulders. It is a good thing he is working for us. If you don't agree, then blame it on Jim Evans (wait, is that plagiarizing?)


Anonymous said...

This was worth a belly laugh. Thanks for the chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Mark, you made the BIG time - your remarks are on the Hickory Husker web site!!! For those who aren't in the know - Hickory Husker is THE Hoosier Basketball forum for exchanging ides or just plain grumbling about the state of Indiana basketball. Just the mention of consolidation has basketball fans in an uproar!

Anonymous said...

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