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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Where there is smoke there could be fire

The high school had some excitement today. I just thought I would give everyone the straight scoop to prevent wild rumors.

Lightening struck a utility pool behind the high school which knocked out part of the high school's electrical system. Right before lunch of course. Then a motor in the boiler room overheated causing a small electrical fire. The head custodian put it out immediately but we called the fire department anyway to make sure that it didn't start again. Meanwhile REMC was trying to find the problem. They switched all the power off for about 20 minutes to repair it, so we evacuated the building for awhile so students and staff didn't have to sit in the dark.

Everything was back to normal by 1:00 PM.

Another day at the office.


Anonymous said...

some students took advanage of the evacuation and left for the day telling parents that school let out early because of a power outage.. this is a great site.. just another way to monitor our kids... you may want to check your attendence records for afternoon classes.

Anonymous said...

IF that's the case then you have to wonder how these students were allowed to leave. I would assume when they were evacuated they were under the supervision of a teacher. If it's true not only should the students be disciplined but the teachers that were responsibile for them at the time.

I really wish parents were allowed to give feedback on how teachers and staff do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

As a teacher in the building, I felt the evauation when very smoothly. Students left the building in an orderly fashion and (most) stayed where they were to instructed to go. The only confusion was because the fire department asked everyone to leave the building during passing period, so students were not necessarily in class when the evacuation was ordered. Therefore, as teachers, we supervised a general group of students rather than our specific fourth period students.

Most students were very patient with the entire process. Of course there are always a few looking for a way to get out of school. Any who left were doing so without without permission.

The school administrators handled a difficult situation very well. Thank you for looking out for the safety of the students.