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Friday, May 06, 2005

Vouchers slow to spread

Across the nation, the school voucher movement has been slow to spread , even though the U.S. Supreme Court has declared it legal.

Evidently, a majority of Americans are not quite ready to take the word "public" out of public schools.


Anonymous said...

I ran accross your BLOG site and enjoy reading it. I would make a couple suggestions to you
1. It is obvious that vouchers will come--sometime--Why don't you accept that as fact and then develop strategies to make the Wawasee Schools so good that no one would want to "voucher" out. In that way, if vouchers don't come, you have developed a school system that provides a great education and it tax effective. Don't fight vouchers--respond to the challenge.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you talk less about politics and talk more about the accomplishments of those at your schools--Who has achieved an academic award? Which teacher has been outstanding- and what did they do? What organizations provided help volunteering to the community? Which graduates are doing well? Who on your staff have accomplished something of note?

Whil most follow polictics, I think readers of this BLOG are more interested in what you, your staff, teachers and students are accomplishing!!!

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

Thank you for the observations and comments.

I do believe that providing a quality product or service will always be the most important "defense" against vouchers affecting our schools negatively. However, the main fear is that vouchers will drain funds away from Wawasee students because there will be less money available state-wide for public school funding.

Many suburbs of large cities will provide many alternative choices that will drain funds from public schools statewide. This will effect schools in places where there are LESS choices available for parents. Wawasee is already near the bottom of state funding, and despite the fact that we are proud of providing a good education at low cost, we still have to compete on a playing field that isn't equal when considering funding levels.

As far as talking about our students and staff accomplishments instead of politics, the reason up until now is that our local newspapers, especially the Mail Journal does a very good job of championing the local students and school accomplishments.

My original intent was to provide a different kind of forum for political and educational issues that directly affect our schools.

Thanks, I will try to mix it up and provide a little more school and/or student focused announcements as well.