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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

More alternatives for gifted and talented students?

It looks like a few more high schools around the nation are pursuing alternatives beyond Advanced Placement (AP) classes at the high school level.

Here is an article about a few more AZ high schools jumping into it.

While I am not real familiar with this particular curriculum yet, it definitely sounds like a more expansive curriculum than what most AP classes currently offer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"IB doesn't want the kids to only do their homework," Lewis said. "They want the kids to have a life."

Wow! When will Wawasee wake up to the fact that more work does not necessarily mean more quality education?

Also, why just narrow this experience to gifted kids? Why not take this approach with ALL kids? We already track and narrow the education spectrum. Why not participate in more hands-on, multi-sensory and meaningful experiences for learning? What about encouraging all students through hetereogenous and cooperative learning groups? What about differentiated instruction?

The bottome line: Quantity of work doesn't mean quality and a narrow focus of curriculum does not meet all students needs. Great article! Where do I sign up?