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Thursday, May 19, 2005

WHS Announces Student Schedule Procedures

The high school has issued the following release regarding student schedules for 2005-2006:

Student Schedules ready at Wawasee High School

Students will be receiving their schedules for next year beginning May 20. Freshmen may make changes to their schedules between May 20 and June 3. Freshmen will receive their schedules at their respective middle schools. If the freshmen parents choose, they may request a one trimester study hall for their freshmen student by contacting their high school guidance counselor. Contact Ruth Angle, ext. 203 for names from A to G; Judy Preheim, ext. 201 H-Q; and Steve Hunsberger, R-Z. The guidance office phone number is 457-3147, ext. 220.

All schedule changes now will need to be made with the high school counselors.

Incoming freshmen and parents, please check schedules carefully. This is a copy of the tentative schedule for 2005-06. Schedules should be checked to verify the courses or alternative courses chosen, and for balance of classes. Your final schedule will be ready on August 11 at the Freshmen Orientation.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors may try to make schedule changes to change one class for another, however, classes are quite full at this point.

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