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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Fog

Well, I admit. I blew it.

At 5:50 am it was medium to light fog with some heavy places. The fog was shallow and I was hoping the daylight would make it non-issue like the last time. You may remember the last time. I delayed two hours and it was totally clear by 6:30 am.

Today it thickened up and conditions grew worse instead of better.

I would like to remind everyone that parents under these circumstances have the right to bring their students in or send them as soon as they feel the conditions have improved enough. Bus drivers also have the right to pull over and wait until they feel the route they are driving has improved. From time to time bus drivers and parents exercise this right. Parents that bring their children in a little late and report to the office are generally excused to class and not counted tardy unless the policy is being taken advantage of.

At the time of the decision many schools east of us were on delay and very few west of us were on delay. We must have been on the edge of the worst of it.

Hope your day clears up.

Thank you for your patience.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty much a given that if most of the area school systems are delaying or closing Wawasee will be the last to delay or close IF they do anything at all. I remember one year hearing Dr. Thornton checking roads and thinking about only delaying. That is until he ditched his own car and had to call Fred in the bus garage to tow his car out of the ditch. Funny how quickly Wawasee closed that day.