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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Wawascene Phenomenon

Thank you to all employees, community members and patrons for being a faithful reader of The Wawascene.

Our internet hits are going through the roof and will soon result in new information and new possibilities for this site.

Monday: 3,001 hits
Tuesday: 1,600 + hits
Wednesday: 1,800 + hits
Thursday: 1,400 + hits at 4:30 PM and counting

When you consider that only a few hundred employees probably hit the site every day, it shows that the community is bookmarking it and keeping tabs on school issues.

Spread the word. Everyone tell one person you know to check us out. I will tell you more about why...later.


Anonymous said...

Want more readers? Advertise!
Print a few flyers and hang them in high traffic areas such as groceries, Ace Hardwares, community buildings and gas stations. How many times do we see "Puppies for Sale" signs with little tear off tabs with the owners phone number at the bottom of the paper. Ask local libraries to added the site to each computers "Favorites" folder for ease of use by patrons. Have each elementary school add the website address to the communications sent home by the principal.

Mamacita said...

I'm a regular reader and I'm not even in your district! I have considerable admiration for a school administrator who is gutsy and knowledgeable enough to maintain a public blog. The system I used to work for knows nothing about computers and punishes those who dare to demonstrate such knowledge. Truthfully? Based on my own experience, I did not even know there WERE any Indiana administrators who knew how to use their brain. Thank you for proving me wrong.

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...


Thanks for the comments. Look for The Wawascene to be featured in a national educational magazine this spring. Blogging is slow to catch on but it is coming along.

Anonymous said...

I think a feature article about the Wawascene in THE PAPER would gain more readers in the Kosciusko County area. I check it every few days and think it's just great!! With that many readers daily there are others who think so too.

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

Great idea about using The Paper - thanks for the suggestion!