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Monday, November 07, 2005

How about some good news!!

At Tuesday evening's board meeting, I plan to update the board on the progress Wawasee students have been making academically.

Our district grows and improves in the same manner our children do, in fits and spurts. This is revealed in the data that we track as well. However, using corporation totals, we have improved in 4/4 categories. Later, we'll discuss it by grade level.

The graph shows student progress in grades 3,6,and 8 since the ISTEP+ test was revised.

Grades 4,5,7,9, and 10 do not have enough consecutive years to track.

The top lines show the drop in percentages of students who Did Not Pass the ISTEP+ test in Language and Math. The bottom lines show the increase in percentages of students who were in Pass +. Pass + means they were in the top 10% in the state on the test.

Click here to see the good news!

Tomorrow we will share the news about how many students have improved.

Prepared with data support from Dr. Robert Cockburn and technical help from Wade Wirebaugh.

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