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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bird Flu Planning ?

Have you seen the Chick-fil-A ads with the cow saying, "Eat more chicken?" Hmmm. We might want to rethink that one!

This was just posted 35 minutes ago and was forwarded to me courtesy of Bill Dixon at 103.5 FM. Just thought you might like to read it first here.

This is NOT an emergency announcement in anyway, it is just an announcement regarding a federal planning initiative.

The federal government has begin discussing long range plans for how the nation's schools would handle continuing education in the event of a pandemic flu outbreak. If this type of outbreak were to happen schools would be affected for weeks not mere days. This means that education would have to continue in a coordinated fashion without physically being in school.

While this is still a pretty remote possibility - the feds nevertheless feel planning should start just in case. I am sure the state department of education will pass along more information in the next few months.

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