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Saturday, March 25, 2006

New Laws Affecting Education

In the 2006 Indiana General Assembly there were 155 education related bills introduced. Thirty-five bills affecting education were passed. Here are the items that passed in various bills that may be of local interest.

1. When moms and dads live in different school districts, the parent with physical custody may now elect either school district tuition free if they do so within 14 days before the first student day

2. Requires a principal to notify a parent if a student who is at least 18 years old is interrogated by a police officer at school in a situation where the student is a suspect

3. Special purpose buses (the small white school buses you see in WCSC are special purpose buses) cannot obstruct exits or emergency exits in the bus (It means the golf team has to careful where they pile their golf bags ;-)

4. Authorizes the state board to oversee consideration of statewide cooperative purchasing of school supplies and materials, encourages pooling of liability and property and casualty insurance, permits sharing services with other school districts, plans to upgrade financial reporting systems for school corporations

5. Principal must report to law enforcement if a school employee is harassed or battered by another person

6. If a person knowingly possesses a knife on school property or buses and intended it to be used as a weapon it is now a Class B misdemeanor

7. ISTEP - Before Oct. 1, 2006 the department of education shall review ISTEP and make recommendations reflecting: a long term plan that is simple, less time consuming, less expensive, prompt results, fall AND spring testing, measures individual growth each year, moves to on-line testing, makes grade 10 test into a college prep test. The new program will be called REACH

8. Raises the drop out age to 18 unless the student proves financial hardship, illness or court order

9. Permits a student who is at least 19 and not enrolled in school, or 17 with school permission, to enroll in a "fast track" college program at Ivy Tech that will permit a high school diploma to be earned while enrolled at the college

Some bills that failed to pass:

1. Kindergarten tax credits (vouchers)

2. Open Door Law changes (this would have required a 48 hour public notice every time a board member called other board members to discuss board issues)

3. Referendums on school construction projects

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