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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Warriors win back-to-back sectionals!

Wawasee beats Northwood in the championship game Saturday night.

Wawasee has replaced 4 starters this year and yet worked their way back to sectional champs again!

Good job Warriors! It was nice to see the gym packed with Wawasee green.

The regionals will be held in Blackford which is northwest of Muncie.


Anonymous said...

Great game Warriors! You make it look easy. Congrats to Coach Mishler and all the players. You run a first-class program.

Anonymous said...

What a great season so far. Replacing four starters and two very important coaches with good athletes and competent coaches (even though less experienced) says a lot of the character of those preceeding and those following. I hope the younger kids are seeing that hard work and good character makes a difference.

Good job Mish.

Anonymous said...

Great games! Congratulations to the Warrior team and coaches. The WHS student cheering section deserves kudos as well. They overcame some very unsportsmanlike cheers and jeers from the Northwood and Northridge cheer blocks and managed to stay positive for their Warriors. You all deserve a pat on the back!

Anonymous said...

After hearing student fans from the other schools, I was very proud of the Wawasee student section. Negative chants are not appropriate and Wawasee acted respectful. Let's take a great fan base Saturday to regional as well!

Tickled Parent said...

Congrats to the Warriors -- ALL of the Warriors! The fans and players showed amazing grace and class under very trying circumstances. THANK you to the teachers and administrators who made it their mission to let the kids know that what they say -- even in a cheerblock -- matters!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to our Warriors! When are we going to be updating the flags in the gym? I noticed we do not have last year's accomplishments on the flags yet.