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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Full day K in 07/08?

Governor Mitch Daniels is promoting full day kindergarten programs in 07-08.

I would support this if all schools receive full funding to implement it. As so often happens it comes as an unfunded mandate or it comes at the expense of current programs.

Ms. Swartzentruber, our Curriculum Director, held a Reading meeting with Kindergarten and first grade teachers yesterday and this was a popular topic. The curriculum requirements have gotten so much higher that there is little doubt that most educators would support this move if it is funded appropriately.

Let's hope Republicans and Democrats can lay aside partisanship games and work together for public education next session.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea --- but, hmmmm... we would need twice as many kindergarten rooms. Increasing class size to accomodate would certainly defeat the purpose.

Anonymous said...

So, what else is new? My freshman is in a class of over 30 at the high does that help him?

Anonymous said...

that would ruin the best part of kindergarten! i loved the short days. i was very homesick when i was little. give the teachers a break too.

Anonymous said...

What High School class except one like Choir or Band has 30 in it? I haven't seen it.

Anonymous said...

In reference to a large class my son is is his 9th grade English class...definatly NOT band.

Anonymous said...

i'm in high school and this year alone i been in a class with 12 other people and a class with 50. that was studyhall so that doesn't really matter. other than the 50 i usually have under 27 people in my classes.

Anonymous said...

I teach at the high school. I just checked the schedules, and all the 9th grade English classes are capped at 26 students. No section the entire year had more than 26 on the roster.

Other than PE and music classes, I have never seen any class with 30 students in them.

Anonymous said...

Could you check with the freshmen teachers? Cap or not, my kid has 30 in his class!