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Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday's Funnies

While doing some assessments with my Kinders for the first 9 weeks, I had Joel sitting at my table working with colors and numbers and shapes. Pushing some plastic circles, triangles, squares and rectangles across the table to Joel, I asked him to name them and then slide them back to me. He looked at me for a moment as if to say 'Are you for real?' then shrugged his shoulders and began: 'Janet', he said, pushing a circle towards me. 'George' (a rectangle), 'John' (triangle) ....It was all I could do to NOT fall in the floor exploding with laughter as he continued to name all the shapes I had given him!!

Tim wanted to show little Karl something funny but Karl ended up with the punchline:
Tim: "What's a doggie say?"
Karl: "Woof!"
Tim: "What's a kitty say?"
Karl: "Woof!"
Tim: "What's a cow say?"
Karl: "Woof!"We were already chuckling, but this was the topper:
Tim: "What's Daddy say?"
Karl: "No."

We were riding home from school in our minivan. Donovan was sitting directly behind me. She said (with a bit of a whine), "Mommy, I got an owie at school today." I said, "I'm so sorry, Honey. Where is it?" She said, "It's on my hand. If my hand was this country, then my owie is right below Utah."

At our house with 2 very strong-willed boys living here, we have had many discussions about forgiveness. Our children have been taught that Jesus said to forgive others, "seventy times seven." The other day when Ben did something to upset Ryan, I reminded Ryan that he needed to forgive his brother. Ryan quickly announced, "I think I have forgiven him the maximum number of times."
Ryan, Age 10

Have a great weekend!

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