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Monday, September 25, 2006

2-Hour Delay on Monday, September 25th

Wawasee Community Schools is on a two-hour delay with the alternate kindergarten schedule today due to fog in our area. Drive safely!


Anonymous said...

Today Tues Sept 26th it was very confusing for some of us as to whether or not there was a delay. The Hoosier 103 main web page says that the Wawasee Blog is down and there is a 2 hour delay. However that posting isfrom yesterday Sept 25th. There is no date on that apge to define when the delay was actually for. I think it most beneficial for ALL sites to remain up and running to minimalize confusion. Of course some things are out of our control at times but over communication and attention to details always helps to keep things clearer for every one.

Anonymous said...

The last two times school has been delayed it has not been posted on the local tv stations early enough.
In previous years it always has been. We do not have a radio at hand. It would be very beneficial to have the stations contacted. Several kids and parents have called us because we do have access to this site. Can something be done to notify the stations in a more timely manner?