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Monday, September 25, 2006

Daniel's proposes tax control units

In this Indy Star article, Governor Daniels proposes "tax control units" whose job would be to control property taxes.

I don't know enough about how such a "control unit" would work to know whether or not it is a good idea. Like they say, "the devil is in the details."

However, I do take exception to Governor Daniels statement that towns, schools, and libraries etc. have "broad control" over their taxing capacities.

This seems like pure "pass the buck" political speak.

I can't speak for municipalities, towns and libraries, but I can speak on behalf of schools. Most schools do not have "broad control" over their property tax rates.

In actuality school boards do not "control" very much of the property tax rate at all especially when you consider the state and federal controls that exist over public schooling and the continual mandates that expand our mission.

How about a "de-control board" that actually returns local control to schools and school boards?

I thought Republicans used to stand for more local control and less state and federal control?

That is not what most of are seeing across America these days.

My .02.


Anonymous said...

If you want to know what type of control the local libraries have you need to talk to a township trustee or advisory board. The spending at the North Webster library is out of control but there is nothing the taxpayers can do about it. Library board members are appointed by various groups such as by the school board. When is the last time the school board asked their appointed library representative to account for his/her actions on the library board?
Brenda Rigdon is quoted in the Times Union on July 17, 2004 "“We will submit our budget to the state by March 1,” said library board president Brenda Rigdon. The rates will probably be set around 3 cents per $100 assessed valuation."
Maybe we need to ask Brenda exactly what rate they asked for and what rate they received for each year. Maybe we should also ask her to put that in dollar and cents as far as exactly how much money our taxes brought into the library. 2004 operating budget according to the November 17, 2003 Times Union was $38,000.

Brenda_Rigdon said...

My name is Brenda Rigdon, and I am proud to serve on the N Webster Library board as the Wawasee School's representative. When we were able to make the Webster Library a Class 1 Public Library in 2004, we took on additional duties and resonsibilities as a board. One of those duties is to conform to all existing and new State Library Statutes and Standards. These standards dictate things like number of hours of operation each week, providing internest access, computer access, minimum number of items in the collection, access to up to date newspapers and magazines, providing programming for adults and children, etc.

All of these things are wonderful--and all of them cost money. It is amazing how the library has grown to serve more and more residents of our community. We AVERAGE 50 new library card holders EVERY MONTH!! The residents of our community love our library, and they use our library. 4,700 patrons visited the library and used at least one service during the month of August alone.

I would welcome the opportunity to report to the Wawasee School board on the activities and programs at our wonderful library--and, in fact, I called Dr. Stock today and asked to be put on the agenda for an upcoming meeting.

Thank you, Mr./Ms. Anonymous for the idea!

Anonymous said...

The anonymous poster made a good point in that it would be nice if locally we could make assessments and keep the money locally. As for commentary on libraries, it is nice to see the literacy programs that the local libraries make available. I could guess that most of us can probably recall being introduced to the world through books at our local library. On a $200,000 dollar home, if it is assessed at the .03 cents per $100 value, you are only paying $60 a year. What a bargain! May we not forget the free time and energy, board members provide, without which we wouldn't have the quality of life that currently exists. Thank you to those who care about the greater good!