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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quick update on Milford School

We took a few calls regarding Milford School being in "lock-down" so I thought I would post the real story this morning to squelch any wild rumors.

Milford School went into "lock-down" this morning as students were entering the school. A student had allegedly made a "threat" and left the building indicating they might return shortly. The school immediately went into lock-down procedure as they are trained to do. The police immediately went to the home and took the child into custody.

The school came out of lock-down and started their normal schedule.

Thank you to the school administrators, teachers, employees and students for handling the situation quickly and professionally.

Thank you to the parent who called here immediately to get the real story.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know. I wasn't aware of a problem, but do remember seeing the officer at the school.

Anonymous said...

I came to school to help in my dauther's class. I saw the police officer when I came in. When I wasleaving the school NOT even the office staff would tell me what happened. I am outraged at how NO ONE will tell me what happened in my CHILDREN'S school. I was told to read your blog. Now that isn't right. I should be told what is going on. I have a daughter in the MS, and it just scares me to see that something could have happened and I wouldn't been made aware of. I think the way that the school dealt with notifying parents needs to be redone. I guess if I want to find out what's going on, I will turn on the NEWS and HEAR it from them first.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Stock: Thank you for promptly posting this and providing a reliable source of information. Our children told us something happened and, as parents, we are glad that you maintain a forum of this nature for a convenient and accurate way to see what is going on. We understand why you can not have multiple people answering questions to the public. Keeping sources to a minimal number, and limiting it to people of authority, maintains accuracy and reduces rumors.

Anonymous said...

When I was dropping my kids off today the school staff was running around you could tell they were scared and I asked what was going on I was told to leave the shcool why my kids were told to RUN RUN to class. I said if you won't tell me what is going on I will take my kids home so I know they are safe and I was told I couldn't take them!!! I am but if that kid would have come back THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN SAFER AT HOME WHIT ME. The teacher that I talked to was RUDE and VERY mean and it even scared my kids!!

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

After every situation like this the administrators always process it and ask, "What did we learn and what can we do different if there were to be a next time?" It is impossible to practice all the scenarios in situations like this.

The staff at Milford did a great job but they did meet and discuss how it went to see what they could improve.

A few employees came across pretty nervous because they weren't able to know exactly what was happening - they were responding to the administrators order to go into "lock-down" procedures. We apologize for any that were perceived as "rude." I believe it is safe to say they were a little nervous and were mostly just trying to keep the students from being outside very long.

As far as the school not being able to give every parent a suitable explanation...well it is customary protocol to establish a spokesperson for parents and media so that the school is free to take care of the crisis.

With 600+ students, 1200+ parents, x,000 community members and a handful of media wondering what's up, naming a spokesperson is the safest and quickest way to do that.

In most cases the Superintendent of Schools will assume that role so that the school people can concentrate on safety.

However, we have discussed how we might agree on a simple set of statements that can be given to everyone but still leaves the phone lines free for safety purposes.

In this situation we referred people to the blog for information thinking it would be quicker.

Anonymous said...

I think if that parent wanted to take her children home she has every right to do that and not be told you can't. Have parents lost all rights.