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Friday, February 16, 2007

Blog Tips

There have been over 416,731 "page loads" and 181,452 "unique visitors" to The Wawascene in the last 30 days as of 8:23 AM this morning. Over 50,000 of those are listed as "First Time Visitors." There are so many new readers lately that I think a few blog tips might be in order.

1. What are "page loads?" When you click on "The Wawascene" and then click on the "Comments" that would be two page loads. The stat counter program records every page load.

2. What are "unique visitors?" Each computer has a unique numerical address. There is a little piece of software code on your computer called "cookies" that allows web sites and blog sites to recognize that unique numerical address. Whenever you log onto The Wawascene the stat counter program checks to see if you have been on in the last hour or so. If you clicked on the blog site 45 times in that hour the stat counter would only count you as one "unique visitor." However, if you have your "cookies" turned off, the stat counter program will think you are a new visitor each time. How would you know if your "cookies" are on? If you go to a web site you have registered at before and it recognizes who you are, then your "cookies" are turned on. If you register over and over again every time you go, then your "cookies" are turned off. And that my friends, is how the cookie crumbles!

3. How is a blog site different than a web site? A blog is an informal, frequently changing web site that often links to other sites. Web sites are generally more formal sites that contain information and links that are changed less frequently.

4. Did you ever have a question, but then wonder if I have already blogged on the topic before. All you have to do is go to the to the top left corner of The Wawascene's homepage and look for the little white rectangular box. Next to it is a button that says "Search This Blog" if you type a word such as "ISTEP" in the box and then click on the "Search This Blog" button it will list every post I have made that has "ISTEP" in it. There is one caution though. That post was written at a certain point in time. Laws and opinions of those laws may have changed since then. But, you can at least see what was written about that topic at that point in time.

Enough for now. Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy seening how the Wawasee teams are doing but would enjoy see how the teams from the middle school are doing. Lets not forget they are the furture for Wawasee. The girl A squad for the 6th graders are now 6-0. Great Job for this year.

Anonymous said...

well for the frist comment im sorry but WHS is top of the top so lol we win.