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Friday, February 16, 2007

Making up missed days

Most of you know that the state law requires making up all days missed due to inclement weather. Here is the plan for making up days and adjusting for lopsided trimester schedules.

1. Monday, Feb 19th is now a school day as a snow makeup day

2. Monday, Feb 26th WAS a teacher work day with no students but will now become a regular school day as a snow makeup day

3. Friday, March 2nd will now be the end of the second trimester BUT it will be an early dismissal day (approximately 12:30 PM depending on the school) for students in order to allow at least SOME work time for staff for grading exams and getting ready for the new trimester on the next Monday. This also gives the weekend for teachers to prepare for the new classes on Monday.

4. Friday, March 23rd is now a school day as a snow makeup day

5. Monday, May 14th is now a school day as a snow makeup day

This will still leave Friday, June 1st as a snow makeup day if there are any other cancellations yet to come. Commencement will remain on Friday night even if school gets pushed into the next week. This is because many parents and grandparents already have their travel plans arranged.

This schedule does the following things:

It allows more second trimester teaching days for those teachers whose course content cannot be easily adjusted .

It provides at least a little work time for teachers to grade exams and enter grades into the computers.

It maximizes the use of available days for student instruction.

It decreases the chance we would need to require seniors to return after commencement .


Anonymous said...

Perfect -- and well communicated.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Even though I'm a staff & WCEA member, I have no real idea how the calendar is decided upon or how to give input. How would one go about doing this? I would like to suggest just tacking 2-3 additional days onto the end of the school year for snow make-up days. Then, if they weren't used, we'd get out early. We also then could still benefit from planned holidays, etc for apppointments, personal obligations, etc. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for communicating this so well and in a timely fashion.

Superintendent Mark Stock said...

Our Director of Curriculum chairs a committee that spends days developing proposed calendar options. Those options are then "voted" on by the staff. Of course school boards always have final authority.

The committee is given legal as well as local parameters they have to consider. I am sure they would welcome your help. Contact your building representative and I am sure they would welcome your input.

We try to keep two years ahead - but then there are always things like this that come up.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Stock,
Thank you for the information regarding the make-up days. Do you know if the individual buildings plan on sending sheets home with the students for those parents who may not access the blog?
Thanks for doing such a great job for our school. You are appreciated!

Superintendent Mark Stock said...

I have removed some comments that did not pertain to the post topics as well as a few gentle reminders from other commenters that someone had posted off topic.

I have posted blog rules at the top of The Wawascene to remind people of the purpose of the blog.

The individuals with the concerns that were posted should email me privately or call me at 574-457-3188 to discuss your concerns.