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Friday, February 23, 2007

Sleepless in high school

Wait... wasn't that a movie or somethin'?

Here is an article about adolescent sleep patterns...or lack thereof.

No solutions proposed.

I guess you could push the high school student day to 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM but then there are all those extra-curriculars etc. If you went later in the day the students would be awake but then the adults would be nodding off! :-)


Anonymous said...

If by some strange event school nationwide had to be changed to the times of 10am to 5pm teens would stay up later, and end up getting the same amount of sleep.

Some teens would take advantage, and it would especially help if morning practice would be at 8am instead of 5am.

That brings up the point that extra-curriculars could be held before school. Just a thought.

Sense of Freedom said...

Actually, humans are the only animals that attempt to get all their rest in one long period. Our bodies can be perfectly awake if we took 15 minute naps every 4 hours. I normally doze off during lunch, since I don't nomally eat (a bad habit, i know). This keeps me awake through Algebra and then Study Hall, both classes that many students fall asleep in.

if these look strange said...

I would offer that the college student sleep pattern would make this look normal.

Anonymous said...

All interesting opinions.

But the facts show only what the patterns are...

Here's my question:
If the school's primary purpose is to educate children, shouldn't that take priority over extra-curricular activities and staff needs? The reality is that most business people work until 5:00, so the staff should be able to handle it...and practices could be before school -- and the few events that begin before 5:00 could be rescheduled to later.

Not popular -- but being right seldom is.

Anonymous said...

I dont think that this time change would be that great. If you were to have a mourning practice and then go to school students would still get the same amount of sleep because the practice would be earlier. This would be nearly impossiable for our school seeing as how we have a boys basketball team and a girl. We have to share gym times and that would be nearly impossiable unless you would really ask a high school basketball player to wake up at 5 to go to a 6 am practice then go to school until 5. That would be 11 hours of work. That is too stressful on the body. I have trouble with just school then basketball bring only 8 to 10 hrs.