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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Dangerously Irrelevant blog links to the following article from the Wichita Eagle. The article is entitled "Are We Losing Our Boys?" and raises lots of issues about a lack of involvement and engagement in school by teen aged boys. There are thoughts about what is happening and theories about why it is happening. The authors deal with issues ranging from pop culture to video games to a lack of "Velcro classes" in high schools. What's a "Velcro class"? Check out the article.


Who's the hero? said...

Today's society has changed.

Quick: What male role models exist for young boys to emulate?

The mind of a man is not complicated. Compete and emulate others.

Society now places a most vital importance on equality for everyone. That is not how the male psyche works.

In the name of equality, many building principals are now women. Is a young boy going to idolize or demonize a woman authority figure?

Women want what men had,
and men don't know what they want.

Am I sexist? Could be.
Is that the issue? No.

There are differences in society today, and the emasculation of men; the de-testosterone-ing trends of society sure look to me like cause and effect.

Society portrays the adult male as the imbecile of popular culture. As I've said before, "we don't need (or want) another hero."

Yet we ponder why more and more young males as a group are underachievers?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I have read the article. I, for one, am not worried about the boys. I am worried that we are not giving the children who are working hard and making exciting things happen for themselves enough credit. Teachers and school are not the problem, they are part of the solution. This generation of young men just needs to get off its lazy butt and do something. This doesn't start at 17, it starts at seven. Parents need to quit making excuses for their children and start making them work. These parents need to quit buying the video games and such for their kids and spend that money going to museums, ballgames, and interesting places. You can't buy the affection of a child with flashy xbox games and mp3 players. Put your time in before busting out the credit card. Maybe these children need to see that they are worth putting time and energy into before they are willing to put those things into their own future.