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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Did you know...?

Does it feel to you like life itself is speeding up?

This slide show, entitled "Gone Fischin" is a slide show set to music that simply lays out changes happening in the world today.

This comes from a blog site by Dr. Scott McLeod who teaches at the University of Minnesota. Dr. McLeod teaches in the educational leadership program, preparing future educational leaders to be users of technology. His site is called "Dangerously Irrelevant."

The "Gone Fischin" slide show takes 6 minutes to view and he gives you a variety of download options.

Are your children ready for this world?


mattsn01 said...

As the former principal of a computer and technology magnet program for elementary students, we often thought we were providing a "leading edge" instructional program for our students. This presentation presents a terrific perspective. Add this to "Who Moved My Cheese" and we will make some "shifts". Thanks for sharing.


flat on top of flat said...

I will not re-convene the Turkey Creek Mensa chapter and keep this short.

Yesterday's post, and today's follow up entry to the world is getting flatter do reveal that the Dr. is not an honorarium title.

I think this message is a lot more on target than the one written by the Times' Friedman, and more in line with Milton's work.

Remaining relevant in a changing world is always a challenge. Do we teach history, and the rote recall of critical dates, or the sociology that drives history?

I pray that your board meeting agendas, discussion and course of action become as insightful as these last two postings.

Perhaps you should show this at one of the meetings, or refer the link to your building principals and dept heads.

Just to keep this in focus, somewhere, in a lab or a company much like the one I work in every day, we're making shift. Lots of shift.

And the basis of this happening is the job that people like Bob and Bill Kitson and Terry Iden and Evelyn and Phil Fawley and Bud Lantz did when I was in school.

And it was the same then, in relationship to the unknown of today as it was over 30 years ago.

Shift does happen.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wasn't truly caught off guard but the staggering differences between two countries just two or so decades ago were considered deeply ‘behind the times’ in terms of socio-economical advances for forward thinking progress and the U.S. needs a smack in the head!

I loved this! I think this should be required information for every high school freshman. Give the question, “now that you know, what will you do?”

Great conceptual!