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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Amazing Technology

The score is 38 to 38 at the end of the third quarter. I am listening to the girls' state championship game being streamed live by while I blog this from a New Orleans hotel room. Bill and Caz are about to have a heart attack!!!!

One funny thing about technology is that Clayton Wilcox the superintendent of Pinella County Schools in Florida has become a Wawasee girls basketball fan. How?

Clayton is the superintendent that teamed up with me for our AASA presentation on blogging. After reading The Wawascene from Florida he started following our girl's basketball team through the tournament.

In fact, he intends to download the file from and listen to the game on his iPod on the plane trip home! He has dinner plans right now so he probably isn't listening yet. He is a former basketball coach so it's in his blood.

Score is 43-40 right now. Go Warriors!

Now it's 45-40. Lantz nails a three and we are back within two.

Bill goes beserk!

One minute left and it's 49-43.

Ouch. They are pulling away from us.

Game over - but what a season!!!

Thank you Warriors!


Mindy said...

Our girls are AWESOME !!!!!

mark said...

I think this set a record tonight for the highest number of simultaneous internet streams for Bill and Caz.

I don't have the final count from the logs, but it looks like a bit over 300-350 active during the 3rd quarter.

My hope of safe travel for the many on the way home from Indy tonight. May you not need our other technology (IN911) during the trip home.

Superintendent Mark Stock said...


Mrs. Baird, WHS Teacher said...

I want to congratulate our girls and Coach Zolman. We didn't walk away with the big trophy but our team had a very successful season. They represented our school well. I'm very proud of what they achieved. They're still number one in my eyes.

Cherie Martin, WHS Teacher said...

WOW!! What a trip it has been!

The girls and coaches of the team were terrific! They stood right in there against the much larger, more physical Brebeuf team. The cheerleaders and fans worked hard through to the final second encouraging the team. Megan was justly awarded for her mental attitude and leadership.

Even though the ribbons were red and not blue, we all felt proud of the showing Wawasee made as the team stood on the stage.

Thank you, Lady Warriors!

Anonymous said...

STOP BLOCKING ALL THE WEBSITES......everyone uses msn all the time to look up research. When we need pictures for a report or something this was the only site we could use to get them. And now you took thatand it seems like you care less about our eduaction and more of how you look. not everyone uses all these sites you block for bad. in fact less then you think do. You think your being helpful by blocking every website ever made but your making it to be useless to even have internet at school. you might as well just take away the computers.
you have the complaint thing on blocked pages so students can tell you but it doesnt work. good job on that one