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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ethanol Plant backs out of Milford

The Times Union yesterday reported that the VeraSun Ethanol plant has backed out of Milford.


Anonymous said...

Woohooo! I am very happy to hear this.:-)

Ryan Meyerink said...

A large part of the community has been against this plant from the beginning and for that fact I am pleased that the community has had there wishes heard.

I also know that Milford and Syracuse area in which this plant would have been located could have used and economic boost. I seriously consider this a loss to the community. It is my hope that something comes along that can take its place and help to better our community.

Anonymous said...

We lost the plant because people are small minded and lack the wisdom to support economic growth. This short-sightedness will result in decreased property values for all -- not just those immediately near the plant. It will also reduce the money available for spending in the community -- and all the spin-off jobs related thereto.

Sometimes people really are stupid. They should take econ.

CAVEs rejoice said...

The Times-Union needs to upgrade their spell checker thingee:
fascets is facets; regularily is regularly.

I imagine that faint noise in the distance is Rueb Williams spinning in his grave.
- - -
I enjoyed this Appenzeller quote:
"We're working as a community to have our voice heard."

Well, perhaps a segment of the community is a bit more accurate...

"Progress might have been all right once,
but it has gone on too long."
Ogden Nash (1902 - 1971)

Anonymous said...

The plant would have decreased property value and would "only" have created 25 jobs.

itsrich said...
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