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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NCLB losing steam?

Are conservative Republicans starting to abandon the president in his support for NCLB? Some seem to think so.

Remember when conservatives used to be the party advocating for a limited federal government? I know - it's been awhile - but in the not so distant past - that is what conservatives supposedly stood for. But when Teddy Kennedy and George Bush found themselves mysteriously aligned behind NCLB, you knew we were about to see the biggest federal intrusion into education seen to date.

Are conservatives heading back to their roots - at least on educational issues?

Article here.


Dani G. said...


nyny said...

I know it's hard, but try to focus on the topic.

Anonymous said...

If you are in ISTEP remediation, you should be remediating, NOT playing games. We're trying not to leave anyone behind, but it continually feels like some students could care less if they're left behind or not.

Anonymous said...

I don't think school choice would impact our school system because we are blessed with fine schools but I think it is interesting that our congress votes against school choice and yet more than 42% of them sends or have sent their own children to private schools. I know I would not want to send my children to public schools in Washington D.C. Not being able to choose your child's school has the greatest effect on the poor.

Lee Dixon said...

Love the blog!

Good, but wierd, combination of topics... and the usual interesting assortment of comments!

Great to hear you teamed with a Floridian.

Is Dr. Wilcox still blogging? He stopped shortly after I started.

a good observation said...

An informative article from CSM. It highlights the problem with just about all politics at the federal level.

Simple ideas get twisted beyond recognition in partisan driven compromise legislation.

I though it was interesting that funding has increased 33%, but the levels are still not enough to produce results.

- - - - -

Every comment thread now seems to have comment/complaint about the heavily filtered internet at school.

There must have been a seminar or meeting on this subject for school IT directors. Tightening down the screws on internet access has spread from school to school like a virus.

This is certainly the largest single complaint I've heard from staff and students alike, regardless of the school.

In my mind, it calls into question the need to fund advancing technology if it is not going to be available to faculty or students.

I did note at one school that the administrative staff was not subject to any usage restrictions, blocking only applied to other departments.

Should kids be playing games, or faculty members checking their e-bay accounts? Probably not.

But what I've seen seems to be overly restrictive. I'm in a unique position to see these policies and their impact across a pretty broad cross section of districts. I don't think its been a good thing.

The knob that limits access to the Internet needs to be turned about a half a turn looser.

Superintendent Mark Stock said...


Dr. Wilcox pretty much stopped or at least slowed down considerably shortly after it got some attention.

However, he indicated they were ready to issue a new release with modifications to the blog and try again.