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Monday, March 19, 2007

Congratulations to the Wawasee HS Drumline.

The Drumline competed in the Indiana Percussion Association State Prelims at Avon HS this past Saturday. The group performed their best show of the season and qualified for State Competition this coming weekend at Ben Davis H.S. In Indianapolis. Great Job Drumline!

And yes...their hair is supposed to be standing up! The show was called "Static Electricity."


Kathy Emigh - Drumline mom said...

Great Job Drumline!

You kids put in a lot of long....hard....hours getting to this point!

You Deserve it.......Keep up the Good work for State!

Denise Williams... Drumline Mom. Go RYAN!!! said...

Way to go Drumline!!!!

You guys and girls are amazing!! Can't wait to watch you compete at State.

Congratulations. You deserve it!!

cheryl myers - drumline mom said...

Congratulations on an awesome performance!

You are a great group of young people who have worked very hard to make it this far!

Good Luck at State...Leesburg HERE WE COME!!!

Anonymous said...

Is there a video of this we can watch? I know Bill Dixon puts sports stuff on his website. Is there anything he can put on there of this show, even if it's a home movie?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this on the blog! I know sometimes the "fine arts" kids feel left out and think that sports are all that matters. It is great to see them recognized, too. Congratulations on an awesome season! We are very proud of all of you. Good luck at State.

Anonymous said...

Way to Go Drumline

The arts is a wonderful thing.
Hopefully we will see signs up saying congrats to the drumline as we did with the athletic events.

Congratulations to all you kids for your accomplishment. You should be proud.

proud of our fine arts kids said...

Come out and support the drumline and watch them perform their state qualifying show. We'll keep it short so people can make it over to the auditorium for the musical at 7:00.
Let's show our fine arts kids how much we appreciate them and their hard work!

Anonymous said...

this is going to be a late comment but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and also Kayla wray rocks! good job girl! and to all the rest yall Deserve it!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

really good Patrick..congrats on your Senior year