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Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday's Funny

A little girl was eating lunch in the crowded lunchroom at Syracuse Elementary School. French Fries were on the menu for the day. The fries were shaped like little smiley faces. Very cute. Everyone was munching away except for one little girl. The principal sat down next to her and asked, "What's the matter honey, don't you like french fries?" The little girl looked up and said, "Yes, I like french fries, I just don't like smiley faces!"

I will take a blogging break and start back up in a week or so!

Have a safe and happy spring break.


Anonymous said...

Funny -- but I don't like them either...they're kind of gross.

Anonymous said...

I believe Forest Gump had a hand in creating the smiley face.

Anonymous said...

You're getting slow on the posts.

Ever since you told the world how great the Wawascene was, it has become lame.

Get with the program, sir.