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Monday, January 30, 2006

IHSAA proposes "multiplier" for private schools in athletic classes

Studying the state championships for athletic teams in Indiana is generally understood to be a "who's - who" of Catholic education.

The Indy Star reported recently on a new IHSAA proposal to implement a "multiplier" that would move a Catholic or private school up a class in athletic competition. This presumably is an attempt to "level the playing field" against schools that recruit.

When Wawasee went to the dome and lost to the Catholic school, Indianapolis Roncalli in the state championship, it was clear to most that their ability to recruit helped them land quite a few Division I athletes. Of course with a break here or there we could have still been in that game. Yet it was obvious to even untrained observers that the Roncalli recruitment efforts had resulted in a team with a lot of "speed" which Coach Rietveld has long touted as a key ingredient to football success.

Here is a link to the article.

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