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Monday, January 09, 2006

Shanna Zolman Fanatics / Tennessee Fans

For all you Zolman fans and Tennessee watchers, it seems some of you threw objects around the house when the TV network left the Tennessee game with 2 minutes left.

This is passed along by blog reader Mark Grady:

WSBT TV-22 did not cut away from the Tennessee game as a local decision. The cut-away was a network decision (as was the one last year when they left coverage of Purdue). The CBS viewer opinion number is 212-975-3247. The network contact info is: CBS Television Network 51 West 52nd ST New York, NY 10019

Pity the recipients of a complaint call from a rabid Tennessee Zolman fan!! :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure this it true, as a fan in another state reports they saw the whole game. Not only will CBS here from me, our local stations will here from me as well.

Cherie Martin, WHS said...

I posted a complaint to WSBT. I received a response that the network decides to pull them away when the next game is of "high local Interest". Because that next game featured Indiana and Ohio State, it was felt that it met the "high local interest" criteria.

I still felt that it was a bad decision. ;^(

Anonymous said...

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