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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

More rankings for Indiana

Yesterday I posted some of the good news about Indiana's rankings. Today we will list the areas we could improve as a state.

Early Childhood Education

Indiana ranks....
39th out of 50 states and DC on participation of 3 year-olds in pre-kindergarten
48th out of 50 states and DC on participation of 4 year-olds in pre-kindergarten

High School to College Pipeline

Indiana ranks....
28th in high school graduation rates
49th out of 50 states on high school readiness for college

Now for the good news regarding college....

Indiana ranked....
16th out of 50 states on the college enrollment rate of high school graduates
19th out of 50 states on their college graduation rate of enrollees

Who can explain this anamoly? We are next to last in high school graduates prepared for college, but we are 19th in graduating those who enroll!



Anonymous said...

Who enrolls a 3 year old in pre-school? Why can't we let kids be kids for a while!!!

3boy said...

sounds like Indiana has a stratified society.Many families and children for whom college is not even a dream; who struggle to get through the week, much less get through high school in any meaningful way.

Then there are some Hoosiers families who by dint of good economic status, great ambition, or both, will see that their kids get enough education in or out of high school to be able to succeed at college.

Problem is how to homogenize this society so as to give opportunity to more of our young'uns.