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Friday, July 28, 2006

Caring About Kids

Educational author and consultant, William Glasser once said, "Before kids care what you know, they have to know that you care."

Here is a great article by Dorothy Rich. (Requires registration) :-( Dorothy is the author of MegaSkills which are the list of life skills you see posted inside the Wawasee elementary schools. Here is an excerpt:

When I am asked about the key factor that makes students like school, study hard and stay in school, the answer is "caring." Students have to feel needed. Parents have to feel needed, teachers, too. This is the human element in education. Connectedness is a protective factor in children's lives. Schools and homes have to find ways of helping everyone feel important, essential and connected.

It's all very well to talk about test scores. But we have to remember that we build test scores by building people, children and adults included. Education is a very human, "messy" enterprise. Even in the age of computers, education is still a person-person connection.

May we not forget it.


Colette Berg said...

I went on the link,registered, but could not find the article.

Marsha Streby said...

I agree wholeheartedly and would also like to state that MENTORING is a way to help increase connectiveness and caring for students! Wawasee Middle School is blessed to have the opportunity to introduce mentoring to the community and the kids who have been matched with mentors are lucky too! Kids who have mentors gain a positive sense of self, which, in return, allows them to be more connected to school, peers, and adults. Mentoring helps kids to know they are important, have talents, have something to contribute, and helps them to realize they aren't just a "number" in the educational system.
If you would like to learn more about mentoring and/or how you can become a mentor, please contact us!
We need MENTORS! You can make a difference!!
Wawasee Middle School Mentoring: 457-8839 x234, or 800-686-6847 x2954.

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...


I went to the site and registered and it let me in without a problem. You might try again. Maybe you entered a password differently than you registered under.