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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Interpreting the Governor's Press Release

Most of you by now will have seen the glowing press release talking about the state paying back the money it "owes" to schools.

What does it really mean?

It just means they sent the money to us in July instead of September. Better late than never, and better on time than late.

That's all it does. Nothing more...nothing less...spin doctoring and press releases notwithstanding.

Article here.


Anonymous said...

So why is the governor now saying all-day kindergarten is more of a possibility? Or did I misunderstand his comments?

So in reality this is nothing more than political gain????

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

The economy has done better than expected so they want to spend a little on an issue that will provide political gain.

Problem is they haven't fully repaid delayed payments to colleges and universities. Announcing that public schools will get their payments early pays off a lot better politically.

Full-day K clearly is a more popular way politically to spend the money than just fully funding current programs.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I'd love to ask Mitch Daniels where all of the special education funding has gone? This guy really seems to know how to twist the truth and play the system.

Anonymous said...

The governor pretty much gets a "Two-fer" out of this.

1. He gets credit for giving schools money that they were going to get anyway.

2. He gets to take shots at previous budget makers while simultaneously doing the same thing that he criticizes them for, i.e. using the "borrowed" money to inflate the state's cash balance at the end of the state's fiscal year.