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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wawascene Stats

Here are some interesting statistics for you:

Between June 1 and today at 1:00 PM The Wawascene has had...

1. 6,887 First Time Visitors
2. 17,247 Returning Visitors
3. 24,134 Unique Visitors (all visitors)

The Statcounter program defines the terms as:

Returning Visitors - Based purely on a cookie, if this person is returning to your website for another visit an hour or more later.
First Time Visitors - Based purely on a cookie, if this person has no cookie then this is considered their first time at your website.
Unique Visitor - Based purely on a cookie, this is the total of the returning visitors and first time visitors - all your visitors.
Page Load - The number of times your page has been visited.

The busiest summer day so far was this Monday with 2,113 page loads. The highest we have so far was over 7,000 in one day.

Summer site traffic is way up this year and based on current trends it looks like The Wawascene will clear 1 million hits by February.

Thank you for embracing the technology. It has provided me as superintendent a unique and interesting way of communicating and interacting with staff and public.

If you have ideas for postings, articles you think would be interesting for me to link too or frequently asked questions you hear in the public that you would like answered, remember to e-mail them to me. There is an e-mail link on the side bar. I can't promise to use every link or idea submitted but I will use the ones that I deem best and most appropriate.


congrats ! said...

You have the most interesting blog of any "public figure" in our state. A wide variety of on-topic items, and you are very good at expanding on your personal point of view.

I enjoy the deeper look behind the dryness of reported facts and statistics.

Wawasee is fortunate to have someone of your integrity and dedication.

Good job on your first million!

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

Thank you for the kind comments!

Thanks for being a reader!