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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

School Board Meeting Update

At last night's board meeting, the board:

*Accepted a $500 donation to Syracuse Elementary from the Syracuse-Wawasee Chamber of Commerce for the Taste of Home Cooking show
*Accepted a donation of 2 new computers and software to the Wawasee Auto Program from Alan Teehan
*Honored 2006 retiring teachers
*Approved claims, minutes of previous meetings, personnel items, single purchase extra-curricular items over $500 as per law, and renewal of the North Webster Head Start Lease
*Heard a report on the year-end athletic financial report
*Approved financial report
*Heard second reading on Student Wellness Policy
*Approved Joy Swartzentruber as 401(a) trustee
*Heard a report from the Superintendent on the Warrior Open Golf Outing
*Heard a report from the Director of Curriculum on the summer writing workshops
*Reviewed the upcoming budget meeting schedules


Anonymous said...

I hope this wellness policy means taking the snack bar OUT of North Webster Elementary. A student lunch is ENOUGH and there is no need for ANY extra snacks! Especially ice cream products!

Anonymous said...

Is this policy posted anywhere for patron comments and recommendations?

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

The policy is not posted anywhere but that is a good idea. Look later this week for a blog posting of the policy. Thanks for the idea.

Don't forget that parents can call the school and block their individual child's lunch account from extra purchases. According to the head cook, around 25% of North Webster parents currently have "blocks" on their children's lunch accounts.

Parents can also call and get reports on what their children are purchasing through their lunch account.

Anonymous said...

My children's accounts are blocked, but this doesn't stop them from using cash, or friends giving them the extra junk food. I just feel that NO ONE needs the extra food.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with the above poster. I have, in the past, subbed at Syracuse El. You would not believe how many kids eat a bag of chips for lunch. I am incredible dissapointed in the school cafeteria.

It seems they are more interested in making a buck than they are our children's health.

I say offer healthy meals, cut back on the teacher salad bar, and cut out the junk food at the end of the line.

Anonymous said...

Having eaten at Syracuse Elementary very frequently, I must say:
1. Get rid of all the snacks that are not healthy. Cheese sticks, fresh fruit, and 100% juice are fine; but sugar water juice, ice cream, cookies, and chips should not be offered. Some students eat their ice cream and nothing else, even while the lunch supervisors are doing their best to make sure this doesn't happen (I've been one- it's a constant battle).
2. Why are you picking on the salad bar? It is the best choice out there sometimes. It's a little expensive, but I'd rather pick that than a really high-fat tray lunch. No offense, Gail!
3. It has always bugged me that students may sometimes purchase Gatorade at our schools. Gatorade is great when a person has lost a lot of fluid by perspiring, but kids are drinking this in the middle of winter! Come on! It's not good for you when you aren't exercising heavily.

Anonymous said...

I am not picking on the salad bar. I love the salad bar, but I believe that they use some of the profit from the junk food to offset the cost to adults buying the salad bar. I would rather have the kids eat healthy than have the great salad bar.