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Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday's Funnies

If you added up all of the time spent on non-teaching activities, and separated the time spent on each into eight-hour days, you would find that over a thirty-year teaching career you would have spent:

-- Five months telling students to get to work
-- Fifty--six days telling students to sit down
-- Eleven days waiting for a student to finish sharpening a pencil
-- Five months taking attendance
-- Almost two years sitting in meetings
-- Eleven days waking sleeping students
-- Twenty--two days rearranging the desks
-- Nine days saying "no"
-- A month passing out papers
-- Three weeks collecting papers
-- Four weeks listening to morning announcements
-- Two weeks reminding students that the period is not over yet
-- Two months redirecting inappropriate student behavior
-- Six months reading memos, completing surveys, and doing other paperwork
-- Twenty days writing hall passes
-- Seven months wondering what happened to the students with the hall passes

Whoops -maybe reminding you of that wasn't so funny!

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

vintage said...

That is very funny and kute.Well i was so bored that i thought i would look around the internet and i stumbled apon this. KEWL. HEHE. Have a great summer and i don't think you will ever figure out who this is! HEHE