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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Grades VS Test Scores

Susie comes home with her report card and is so excited. She was on the honor roll again! Three report cards in a row! Her family pats her on the back and gives her praise. A day later her ISTEP scores come in the mail. She failed to pass the test again. Mom and Dad raise one eyebrow and look at each other.

What is wrong here? This is a common phenomenon across the country.

The Washington Post discusses it here.

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Anonymous said...

It seems doubtful that students in Wawasee are coming home with similar grades. It may be the other way around. For my children at Wawasee Middle School, they struggled (and still do) with math and science significantly, but passed the I.S.T.E.P. tests. This seems unlikely. Whether that speaks highly of our curriculum or not, is another question